Construction of the K-12 Regional Curriculum with Education for Sustainable Development
中文关键词:  K-12;绿色可持续发展;教育;课程;行动建议
英文关键词:K-12, sustainability development, education, curriculum, action proposals
唐盛昌 上海市基础教育国际课程比较研究与咨询中心 
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      At present, education for sustainable development (ESD) is a prominent educational theory that is practiced for innovation throughout the world. This paper analyzes the general trend of the implementation of K-12 ESD in regional curricula from a global perspective. Furthermore, in order to build world-class education with Chinese characteristics, this paper further proposes four modules that should be highlighted in the future regional curriculum framework of primary education. Among them, “ecology and environment” emphasizes the importance of adapting to local conditions and forming local characteristics; education of “values and abilities” aims to enable students to properly understand interpersonal relationships and also the relationship between human-beings and nature, so as to establish values rooted in sustainability; “curriculum and teaching” encourages interdisciplinary exploration and thus demands an integrated planning from regional, social and progressive aspects; “technology and innovation” module requires educators to think about new places where the latest scientific and technological advances could be applied into education process, constantly reflecting on the concept of sustainable development education and course content.
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