Meta-analysis of the Relationship between STEM Education and the Creativity of Primary and Middle School Students
中文关键词:  STEM教育;Meta分析;创造力;主效应分析;调节效应分析
英文关键词:STEM education, meta-analysis, creativity, main effect analysis, regulatory effect analysis
邱德峰 西南大学 
于泽元 西南大学 
陈红 西南大学 
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      STEM education was once regarded as an important way to cultivate students’ creativity. For this reason, scholars at home and abroad have conducted a large number of experimental studies. However, the research conclusions are quite different. Considering this, this paper uses meta-analysis for the quantitatively analysis of 30 papers from home and abroad, which focus on the experimental or quasi-experimental research into the impact of STEM education on primary and secondary school students’ creativity in the past decade. The results of this paper show that STEM education can significantly improve the creativity of primary and secondary school students with the combined effect of 0.50, reaching a moderate impact; in the analysis of regulatory effects, STEM education is regulated by such variables as teaching periods and teaching fields; and there is no significant difference in the regulatory effects of school segments, learning subjects, and learning types. Therefore, in terms of the cultivation of creativity, the time investment in STEM education can be clearly strengthened in the future, and a diversified learning field suitable for STEM education can be established to promote the development of students’ creativity.
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